My, haven’t we changed! *Then and Now*

I was looking back on some of our blog posts, and realized just now much we have changed in the time we have started this blog!

So for today’s post, I decided to do a then and now shot of myself to show just
that. I decided to stick with the same outfit we used for our very first blog post, so if you want the links to it, please go back to it! Hope you enjoy my visit down memory lane to compare how much I’ve changed.

♥ Pink Kouyama-Martian


Thank goodness there’s!!!!!!!!

So me and Tatianna ran into one of the greatest stores while participating in Lazy Sunday; and for my OOTD I wanted to showcase this particular store –!

What I’m loving most about this store, are the simplicity. Tops, bottoms, and jackets that you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe to make tons of looks…and what’s best, is its all at a fair price! I’m yet to spot anything over 200ls in the store.

It also has accessories such as purses, shoes and belts…even hair!

So here are a few looks I put together by You should really check this place out! romper in Nude. Belt also comes with the set. Shoes by N Core; hair by elikatira. top, and jeans (each sold separately in many colors), and bag. hair by elikatira, and shoes by N Core.



Check out fridays in world!

For the love of Grunge….



For my post of the week, I decided to go on a more casual grunge look, and show you one of my recent favorites from none other than Crickets!

If you haven’t been to this store yet, you are missing out if you love this style of dress. There are sales going on to get whole outfits for 99ls all the time, and they never go over 300ls. There are male outfits too!


The Goods:

Crickets outfit: Zy

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Naomi” Dark Blonde

Crickets Store:

Like a Ninja?!

So I had a tad bit of fun with this photo shoot lols.
Action poses make me happy ❤

Hair: ! SugarsmacK !: Elan/Licorice Whip
Top: The Sea Hole – Muse Blouse – Pearl
Bottoms: >>Alexohol: School Pants-Black<< 1
Shoes: LaRosa Mesh Footwear Beads Sensation (Mesh)

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Sea Hole Addict

Here at Realistic Chronicles, we have to say we are simply addicted to
The Sea Hole
Her fashion’s are savvy, diverse, and very chic.
This past month, Sea Hole was having a fabulous 50L moving sale,
in which she had placed little symbols by every product that was on sale.
And of course, I bought just about every single item!
The entire store is to DIE for.
With that being said, for this next week, each of my posts will involve outfits
that I have put together from the sale items I bought at this fantastic store.

Hair: *PH* 70504 -black- by Pink Hustler
Top: Persuasion Sweater – Blackwood 2  by The Sea Hole
Bottoms: Lowrise-Boho-Ink–P
Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Platform “Wild” by N-core (Group Freebie)

Sweet and Fierce

In light that we are trying to get our work back on the road, I present some of my favorite outfits right now on second life!

of course, donning the layouts I have created for the occasion. 🙂

We all have our moods, that show in the way we dress. Here is my favorite “sweet side,” and my favorite “fierce side.”



The Secret Store – Highwaisted shorts – Denim

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Mercy” Dark Blonde 3

ISON – draped crop tee -L- (white)

*ICING* Marilyn Glasses – White

Karried Away – Ballet Flat White

NIKITA :: BANGLES black and silver

A simple, but sweet look, donning a simple cropped top, some short shorts, and some simple but cute flats. Don’t forget that bow Continue reading

These Battle Scars…

“I’ll never let a wound ruin me….”
So in our attempts to make things a little easier on Pink and I,
here’s some new templates for my photo’s.
One to show you guys a bit of a close up on the outfit,
and the other to show off some poses and full body of the outfit.
I hope you enjoy!

Hair: =Dela*= Mesh Hair “Mercy” Black 4 by =Dela*=
Top: Paperbag. CREAM Crop m (mesh) by Paperbag
Bottoms: IMBUE. Washed Jeans – Grey 2 by IMBUE
Shoes: DEF! Ladyz/Wedge Sneakers/Hella/Black by DEF!

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Latina Fire

One of my new favorite outfits that I adore!
You’ll probably see this hair in the next few posts, as I am IN love!
I won’t bore you with details, enjoy the photo!



Top: Paperbag. Assorted Bustier 001 by Paperbag
Bottoms: IMBUE. Washed Jeans – Very Black 3 by IMBUE
Shoes: [AL] Slip Stillettos

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It’s that time. Dark Mouse Closing.

On my way there! So sad this store is closing, but I am also excited to see what Dark Mouse has in store for the future in mesh!

A Second Look: SL Fashion

So I guess I’ve been writing this post in my head for a while now, but it’s finally time to announce that I’ve decided to close my store, Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair. I’ve gone back and forth on this for a long time, do I really want to give up my established brand? Well, with the advent of mesh, and the extraordinary possibilities for it, I just decided that a clean slate is best for me. I sort of decided a long time ago that if I could not produce jewelry that met my own personal standards, then I would not go forward. While I believe that I do still make a pretty good necklace, the future is mesh and I’m not there yet. At present I’m teaching myself mesh, and being a sort of thick-headed slow type ;-), it’s taking a while. I don’t know what the future…

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AMERICAN BAZAAR Sim Opening Festival

Am there now about to go shopping crazyyy!